This site has an associated chatroom which is frequented by some users. I wonder whether it might be useful to add some feeds from other sites to the feeds for this chatroom. In this way there would be a place where such questions are easily accessible for people who mostly visit this site. (And perhaps it might also slightly increase interest in this site's chatroom.)

As an example of a room with feeds of this type, I will mention the main chatroom on Academia. If you wish to see how does this look like and whether it disturbs everyday interaction too much, you can browse a bit through the transcript of that room.

There certainly are posts related to topic of this site also on other Stack Exchange sites. I guess you can find some relevant questions among questions in mathematics-education tag on MathOverflow, teaching tag on Academia maybe also education tag on Mathematics.

What do you think about this suggestion? If you think that it is a reasonable idea, you might also propose some other suitable tags which could be added there.

I will add that I have asked about this also in chat. (But no extensive discussion was held there - basically after I asked about this, the suggestion was to ask on meta.) Not too long ago I have also asked similar question on History of Science and Mathematics Meta.

Perhaps I should also mention that the chat room does not have a room owner at the moment. (If a room is active enough, ownership can be assigned to a user automatically, see this meta.SE post for details. However, this room is far from the numbers needed for that.) But moderators automatically have all privileges of room owners, in particular, they can add/remove feeds. Details what a user can do in chat - depending on the reputation and on whether the user is RO/mod - are explained here: Is there a list of SE chat privileges, and the minimum reputation required for those privileges?



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