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I am creating this post to gather in one place all the topics that are not clearly on-topic. (This is not the same as topics that are clearly not on-topic.) Please post as answers such topics, then users can upvote or downvote these answers, with upvotes meaning they think the topic is on-topic and downvotes meaning they think the topic is not on-topic.



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    $\begingroup$ I've edited your post to give quick-links to the answers (with the theory being that there may someday be other categories). I've also added the tag faq-proposed, which seems to be new to this meta-site, but which appears on, for example, Math SE, As always, feel free to revert. $\endgroup$
    – Xander Henderson Mod
    Commented Apr 11, 2020 at 16:23

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Philosophy of mathematics education

Some examples of questions about this topic (taken from Wikipedia):

  • What is mathematics?, and what accounts have philosophers and other theorists given of it?
  • How does mathematics relate to society?
  • What are the aims of teaching and learning mathematics?
  • What fundamental assumptions underlie the learning and teaching mathematics?
  • How do philosophies of mathematics link with mathematics teaching and learning?
  • What is the status of mathematics education as knowledge field?

According to this previous Meta question, it seems that this is on-topic.


Math contests

Questions about designing problems for math contests, or working with students to succeed at these contests.

There is currently a tag on main called with a description similar to the one given here, so it seems that this is on-topic.


Sale or donation of used math textbooks

Questions that ask for advice on how to sell or donate used math textbooks.

According to this previous Meta question, it seems that this is not on-topic.


Popularization of mathematics

Questions about how to show the general public that mathematics is exciting, useful, and beautiful.

In this Meta answer, I presented my opinion that this is on-topic.


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