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Questions tagged [bug]

A reproducible problem on the site that is believed to be due to a mistake, malfunction, or programming error

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Proliferation of Fake Accounts

There is a theme to some of the new user accounts on MESE. I believe that this is not specific to Math Educators, but is rather a larger problem across StackExchange. Still, I thought it was worth ...
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Bug: Writing multi-line formulas does not work in the "learn more" editor

Bug / Problem I just edited a tag or suggested an edit. I noticed that line breaks in formulas don't work. Normally in $\LaTeX$ you write a \\ for a line break. In ...
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Calling a formula an equation in "How to Format"

I am not sure if this is SE-wide. I do not see it on MO or MSE. When I try to edit a post on MESE, I see: However, $\sin^2 \theta$ is a formula, not an equation. On a general site this is maybe ...
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Flaw in the listing of related questions?

I just wrote a question at Could students be taught the concept of rational numbers the same way as in the Formal construction section of the Wikipedia article rational number? and wrote the word ...
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Why are certain LaTeX commands not rendering for me on this site?

Both the syntax "\binom{n}{r}" and the syntax "{n \choose r}" produce the message "[Math Processing Error]" for me when I use this site (and also History of Science and Mathematics), but work fine ...
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Something wrong with close reasons

I reviewed just now a question and voted to close it. The closure reason, what appeared on the user interface, seemed to be wrong for me: it showed ...
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