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Moving comments to chat

This is a personal opinion, but I would prefer less frequent movement of comments to chat. The recent discussion on MathOverflow meta suggests that some communities would prefer to leave comments ...
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How a comment becomes an answer

It was brought up in a comment-block under a recent question that the practice of deleting comments that are (or have the potential of becoming) actual answers is potentially troubling to commenters. ...
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Handling "edgy" jokes in comments

I flagged the comment here: as needing moderator attention. In case it is removed later, the context is that the question wants to know a better, ...
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2 answers

How do we flag comments that are "not comments?"

I flagged a couple of comments to this question: What female mathematician can I introduce to my High School students? as "not constructive," but the reason the comments should be removed were ...
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Do we want to delete "obsolete" comments on this site?

On many SE sites it is common practice to delete comments that became "obosolete" and there is a flag reason for this. On a few other sites (especially MO) this is not done (or at least not much). ...
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Why were comments removed from the thread about making math classes "spiritually uplifting?"

I made several comments in several places in this thread, which IMO were on topic and not chatty. They were substantive comments. One was an explanation of why I downvoted the question. One was an ...
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Should we require comments before downvotes?

Prompted by the discussion at this question, I am making a proposal that we ask StackExchange to require users of Mathematics Educators to comment on a post before they can downvote it. Upvote the "...
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Commenting when downvoting

I have a fair amount of experience using Stackexchange (mostly using Math.SE). One common concern for users is when a question or answer is downvoted. It is considered good practice to always provide ...
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