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How to avoid opinion-based down-votes with an objective question?

In the comments for JoeTaxpayer's answer to this question about the "appropriateness" of assigning extra credit homework, some users have begun to discuss down-votes that seem to be based upon ...
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What does a downvote mean on meta?

There have been several meta posts that received net downvotes, including: Would this recent MSE question be on topic on MESE?
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Should we require comments before downvotes?

Prompted by the discussion at this question, I am making a proposal that we ask StackExchange to require users of Mathematics Educators to comment on a post before they can downvote it. Upvote the "...
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Commenting when downvoting

I have a fair amount of experience using Stackexchange (mostly using Math.SE). One common concern for users is when a question or answer is downvoted. It is considered good practice to always provide ...
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