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How is the main page constructed?

The main page does not contain a reference to this recently answered question. This might be caused by the negative score ($-4$), can anybody confirm the rules who state which question appears on the ...
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How can I ask this question, about helping a friend who is in the same course as me, in a way which fits the site?

I am active on other SE sites but not here, thus I am unfamiliar with the local norms & scope. There is a question which I would like to ask but I am not sure how to phrase it so it will work here....
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Will this question be well received here?

Is it beneficial to do one book twice or two book once or repeat the difficult questions from one book. I am asking this in context for preparing for tough competitive exams such as Joint entrance ...
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Cross posting book reference question

On the mathematics site I asked about a book I was looking for: But never got the answer I was looking for ::( It is for an beginning undergraduate ...
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How can we increase the number of quality questions asked on MESE?

Edit (June 2015): Another related meta.SE post about community evaluations can be found here. This is mostly a post to draw MESE users' attention to the meta.SE piece here, entitled: Graduation, ...
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Are questions about working as a teacher of mathematics on-topic?

Should we consider it on-topic to ask questions about working as a teacher of mathematics even when the question has nothing to do with mathematics itself? The topics could be something like this: ...
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A question at mathematics.SE

There is a question Interacting with high school teachers (US), that fits our scope, but not that of mathematics.SE where it was asked. It would be great if it could be moved here, but I'm not sure if ...
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Are questions about teaching "philosophy of math" on-topic?

Obviously questions about teaching philosophy of math are quite different from questions about philosophy of teaching math which we discussed about them in a meta post before. There are essential ...
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Are questions about impacts of cultural, economical and political parameters on math education on-topic?

Math education as a social activity has an undeniable mutual interaction with almost all social parameters like cultural, economical and political changes in a society. For example John Smith's answer ...
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Are questions about teaching math to children who have some disabilities on-topic here?

I don't teach school math but as a part of my voluntary activities in some related associations sometimes I am in this special situation. Question 1. Are questions about teaching math to children who ...
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List of "best material"/typical questions/outstanding questions/good showcases of our site?

As @brendansullivan07 suggested in a comment, we should perhaps provide a list of the best material our site has thus far. Of course, one could simply order the questions with respect to votes, but ...
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Duplicate questions with MO.SE?

I've asked today the following question What is fairly new theorem one can teach (and prove) to an undergraduate student? As @quid mentioned in his comment, a very similar question was asked on MO.SE,...
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