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Deleting a Duplicate Unused Tag

Someone tagged this question as undergrad-education. Another user edited the question, deleted that tag, and added undergraduate-education. I approved the edit after seeing that undergrad-education ...
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Should the (teaching) tag be a synonym for (mathematical-pedagogy)?

Should the teaching tag be a synonym for mathematical-pedagogy? And if not, what sort of questions would be a good fit for one tag, but not the other? Right now the teaching tag doesn't have a usage ...
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3 answers

Do we need separate tags notation and terminology-and-notation?

I don't have the privilege to propose tag synonyms, so let me post this as a meta question: Do we need the tags notation and terminology-and-notation separately? They seem synonymous to me. I will ...
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Possibly merging tags: "multivariate-calculus" and "vector-calculus"

I recently edited the "multivariate-calculus" tag, and described it as follows: For questions about teaching calculus with functions of more than one variable (also perhaps known as "Vector ...
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Tag(s?) for other sciences

I just asked a question about motivating the interests of biology/chemistry/physics students and noticed there were no tags for those topics. I opted to create the "physical-sciences" tag, since I'm ...
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Tag synonyms handling

I got confused about the tag synonyms, in particular whether the "suggest synonym" feature is "X has a synonym Y" or "X is a synonym of Y". Is there a way to remove master/synonym relation other than ...
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Should "assessment" and "grading" be synonymous tags?

I've used both of these tags so far, but I just now noticed I'm the only one to have used the "assessment" tag. I suppose they can be considered synonymous. And based on Jon Ericsson's post in this ...
9 votes
3 answers

"College" vs "undergraduate-education"

As this site is about mathematics education, it seems that college and undergraduate-education are redundant and should be made synonymous. Is it beneficial to have both college and undergraduate-...