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Calling a formula an equation in "How to Format"

I am not sure if this is SE-wide. I do not see it on MO or MSE. When I try to edit a post on MESE, I see: However, $\sin^2 \theta$ is a formula, not an equation. On a general site this is maybe ...
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3 answers

How do I view the timeline of events that happened on a post?

What do I do to see the timeline of events that happened on a question or an answer? The events include votes, comments, revisions, closures, deletions, reopens, and undeletes.
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1 answer

Personal Messages and Chats

I'm a moderator and I don't know how to send a private message? Really?! (Perhaps there's no such thing as private messages here?) @quid, I have two things I want to discuss with you. One is a ...
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How to turn off the MathJax preview?

The constant compiling of MathJax while composing a post is undesirable for me. How can I stop the MathJax preview? Is there a way to turn off the MathJax preview? Where is the button to switch off ...
8 votes
1 answer

Should we participate in the Winter Bash?

There is an activity in the SE network called Winter Bash, which happens on some sites. During this time, a couple of weeks, one can gain hats (like badges) and then decorate one's picture with such a ...
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2 answers

Which (if any) custom off-topic close reasons do we want?

It is possible to define custom off-topic close reasons. The purpose of this thread is to collect proposals for such reasons (if there are any). Please note that there is a strict upper limit on the ...
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When and how could special formatting and fonts be used?

$\mathfrak{\mathbb{O}nce~upon~a~time~there~was~a~mathematician} \ldots$ Question 1. Can we use special formats for special questions with a Meta announcement? By a "special format" I mean special ...
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